Our goal is to become a world-class technology company that brings the most advanced technology solutions to businesses and organizations in all over the world.


Weegoon Global - An ambitious young company is on its way to fulfilling its mission of asserting itself in the mobile gaming industry on the global market. We have created a lot of mobile games that have already been on the top 100 in 10 countries around the world.

Come to Weegoon Global to meet challenges, growth and success.


Weegoon Global is an art outsourcing studio and a mobile game developer.

We are an ambitious and young company, now is on our way to accomplish our mission to assert ourselves in the mobile gaming industry in the global market with equality, same success, sustainability, and long-term.

We mainly focus on bringing the best technical, graphics and gameplay to our users.


Work Together for Success: Collaborating to provide better conditions for all members, collaborators, organizations and individuals who have partnerships with Weegoon Global.